Why us

Lab Extruder, Single Screw Extruder, Twin Screw Extruder

Why Us

  • Ours is a Pvt. Ltd. Company with certification for ‘Trust Seal’ by ‘Crisil’. We have an excellent team of engineers, technologists and computer savvy personnel. With full fledged machine shop, we have got good vendor support. The Company has a clientele in Asian and African Countries, and now expecting in other continents

  • We are specialized in Lab Single/Twin Extruders for research and development work in fields like:
  • Plastics & polymers
  • Colour and additive master batches
  • Foods and pharma
  • Agriculture and bio-technology
  • Stability check for PVC compounds
  • Software applications with data storing and graphical presentation with super imposing facility

Our Products:

    Lab Extrusion Equipments:

    1.Lab Extrusion Equipments for studying polymer behavior, with various attachments. Fully computerized equipments to determine viscosity, torque, FPV (Filter Pressure Value), etc. with graphical presentation.

    2.Lab Twin Screw Extruders with split barrel for compounding small master batches and for R & D, with Pelletizer / DFC (Die Face Cutter).

    3.Adiabetic (Sigma) Mixers for computerized evaluation of torque, fusion point, degradation point and stability of PVC compounds with graphical presentation and super imposing facility of graphs.

    4.Single Screw Extruder for 3D monofilament

    5.Single Screw Extruder with various attachments for blown film, pelletizing, DFC, orientation, medical tubes, profiles, sheet, lamination, etc.

The Areas Of Application

  • Universities
  • Engineering colleges and polytechnics
  • National Technological Institutions
  • Indian Institutes of Technologies (IITs)
  • Defense Research Laboratories
  • Space Research Laboratories
  • National Chemical/Physical Laboratories
  • Corporates having own R & D laboratories
  • Food and pharma Laboratories

Our Services:

    1. Commissioning of the Equipments
    2.Prompt after sales service through communication or physical visits by our service engineers.
    3.On line service available for our software aided machines.

    You are most welcome to ask for your requirements in this field, and we will be very happy to serve you in the best possible manner.

Our Team

  • Highly qualified and thoroughly experienced technical and marketing staff.
  • Good association with hard core engineers and management consultants
  • Good approach to universities, national institutions, engineering colleges, polytechnics, IITs, corporates and multinationals.