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lab Orientation Attachment

Aasabi Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Lab Orientation Attachment.

It is a well known fact that monoaxial orientation to the monofilaments, raffia tapes, box strapping's gives a real required strength to the products. Before orientation, these products have no strength. But after orientation to 4 -6 times, these products acquire the desired strength. To give this desired strength, we come into picture to give you the best orientation attachment.


  • This attachment is useful for products like raffia tapes, mono/multifilaments where orientation process is required.
  • The tapes / monofilaments are mono - axially orientated to reduce denier / diameter of the product to enhance longitudinal strength.


  • Quenching tank is in SS with idlers and height adjustments.
  • Orientation tank is also in SS with idlers and immersion heaters.
  • Godet-I is fitted with nip rolls with ACVF drive.
  • Godet-II is also fitted with nip rolls with ACVF drive.
  • Panel fitted with energy regulators/digital temperature controllers.
  • Winder is universal type without traverse.


  • Very good for testing strength, fibrillation of tapes with various fillers.
  • This type of testing is very much beneficial to save bulk raw materials cost, time and energy before taking up for production.
  • Very good for quality comparison between various low cost fillers.
  • Very good for testing dispersion of pigments/fillers in oriented products.

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