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Lab Pelletizer

Aasabi Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai , India are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Lab Pellitizer.

Beautiful and uniform pellets is the marketing strength of your product. The pellets are required to be either cylindrical or parabolic in shape, and must be fibrous free. We give pelletizing units with conventional pelletizing attachment or with Air Die Face Cutter (DFC) for parabolic shape grannuals.

Product :
Pelletizer is used for granulating strands of polymers or compound.


  • Available in 75mm and 100mm cutter sizes.
  • ACVF drive to match the speed of incoming strands.
  • Hellical angle to the cutters to give proper cutting action.
  • Suitable for all polymers.


  • Suitable to be attached to any Lab Extruder for pelletizing.
  • For all corporate laboratories using polymers, master batches,compounds.
  • For all educational institutions doing training and research work in polymers, additives.

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