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Lab Sigma / Adiabetic Mixe

Aasabi Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Lab Sigma / Adiabetic Mixer.

Product :

  • These are electrically heated batch mixers to study the role of rheology in polymer extrusion.


  • SS chamber.
  • SS screws,counter rotating.
  • High torque main drive with primary and secondary gear boxes.
  • Chamber heated with cartridge heater.
  • Software with data logging, graphical display on computer screen,super imposing facility of graphs of two samples for better comparison.


These are used for quick and reliable examination of Fusion and Degradation behavior of PVCdry blends. With the help of this, we can study Loading torque, fusion torque, Fusion time and Degradation point of PVC dry blends.

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