Extruder for Biodegradable Polymers

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Extruder for Biodegradable Polymers

Aasabi Machinery Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai , India are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Lab Blown Film Extruders.

Because of low cost, non- toxicity, biogradability and availability, the polysaccarides like starch are fast replacing synthetic polymers in plastics industries.

All the biodegradable polymer blends based on corn starch can be processed on our extruder with high dispersion and with any TPS/TPC ratios.

Lab as well as production extrudes are available in single screw/ twin screw configurations. Lab extruders are mainly used for R & D, formulations, testing and small sample production. The extruders are custom made to suit your requirements.

Screws and barrels are in high tensile alloy steel for longer life and fitted with variable speed drives for controlled operations. Temperature are accurately controlled through PIDs.

Starch based films are brittle and hydrophilic. To overcome this, starch is generally mixed with various synthetic polymers.

Aasabi gives reactive extruders also, to manufacture biodegradable polymers with pelletizing facility.

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