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TSE for Food

Aasabi Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai , India are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Lab TSE for Food

Product :
Extrusion Technology has an important role in food industry. It has been fully recognized that Twin Screw Extruder Technology with cooking facility is of great advantage to the food manufacturers of Pet Food and Fish Processors.

We give Lab cooking TSE with intermeshing screws. The Lab TSEs are available in 25 mm and 30 mm screw sizes with Co- Counter rotating version. Our Lab TSE is advantageous as it gives constant flow rate and it has a capacity to adopt different raw materials and recipes to give pellets of regular size.

As the screws rotate, the mixture travels through the barrel. While travelling, it gets mixed, heated, compressed and simultaneously cooked. The heat is generated by friction and by external heating of barrel. A dough-like paste is formed and is extruded through respective dies. Control of Feeding in TSE is critical. Shear stress reduces particle size of ingredient (i.e. active component.) Division and recombination of the materials homogenize the complete product.TSEs are also used for falsification of rice.

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