Profile Attachment

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Profile Attachment

Sub panel for Profile Attachment : Fitted with single pole MCB, 6 amp
Die : In SS. Profile shape : ā€˜Uā€™ type

Cooling Tank:

  • In SS with Vaccum sizing chamber.
  • Sizer fitted in the chamber. ( Chilled water supply is in your scope )

Vaccum pump:

  • 1 HP, water ring type, Kirloskar make.
  • The vaccume pump and water reservoir are fitted below the tank.
  • In SS, 125 mm X 125 mm X 1500 mm lg.
  • The tank is fitted on MS stand provided with caster wheels for easy movements while attaching and detaching the attachment to the extruder.
  • Two of the four casters are with locks.
  • The tank is also provided with guide rolls.

Internal water connections are already provided to the vaccume pump and reservoir. You are required to give water supply and drain pipe.

Haul off:

  • Rubber rolls to pull the profile section.
  • Roll Size 100 mm X 100 mm L.
  • The total assembly mounted on casters.

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